A ৳96,73,304 decision that changes the life of Fashad.

Fashad Islam, born in Dhaka, on the 31st March 1984, under a wealthy roof of a businessman, Azad

The child, Fashad was born with a golden spoon, as the only child, Fashad was treated as a prince.
When Fashad was 15, the unfortunate happened. The father – Azad Islam had the worst financial
crisis that he ever experiences, the entire empire collapsed. The price is no longer the price. Fashad
as a 15-year-old, forced to stop his education to feed the family.

Fashad is a hardworking person, he works for 14 hours a day in a garment factory, starting at 7.30am
in the morning and ended 10pm, 7 days a week. And was only paid ৳ 3,000 a month, which was just
barely enough for the family of 3. The same job lasted for 20 years, fluctuation in the economy is
making Fashad’s life even worst. But this day on 30 th of January 2020, everything changes.

At the factory, As usual, while Fashad is having lunch break, He checks the news through his mobile,
but this day he noticed this ad about Cricket trading, baji.live. Caused of the curiosity Fashad had, he
signed up an account, just to understand what the website for. Upon sign-up, he was given ৳ 99.
While he was testing out the website, he found different games in the website, including Slots and
Casino. At the first glance, Fashad though that the website was a scam. So, he closed the website
and move on to read his news.

While he’s reading the news, he checks on his horoscope. It says “Your ruling planet is forming
especially fortunate aspects with other planets. This represents an opportunity period–keep your
eyes and your mind open to possibilities. Use it or lose it!” he reopened the website. Looked at his
bank account, then back to baji website again.

This time Fashad deposited ৳ 1,000 and made his first gamble of his life, after a couple of slot spins.
Fashad frozen, His mobile phone was ringing like crazy. It is a Huge Jackpot! A Jackpot worth
৳96,73,304 and Fashad can’t believe it was true!

Fashad won ৳96,73,304, with the money, Fashad started his on business and brought a new house.
Live was no longer the same.